Back to YOU

Breaking the Spell of Alcohol

Join us, Onowa Bjella and Meade Shirley, Certified Naked Mind Coaches, for a transformative 8-week online experience. We've got everything you're craving: connection, community, life-changing content & focused coaching, in an accessible and private online format.

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What's Keeping You From Living Peacefully, Joyfully, Authentically as You?



Summer is right around the corner which means vacations, camping, BBQs and pool days are also right around the corner. Are you getting ready to experience these fun summer plans without alcohol for the first time? Do you have great momentum from reading This Naked Mind or completing an Alcohol Experiment and you don’t want to lose that progress BUT you also want to enjoy summer without feeling deprived?


If this is you, don’t worry, we’ve got you.


Come join us in our special summer edition of Back to YOU. Participating in Back to You provides a unique opportunity to navigate all of these alcohol free “firsts” while being supported by the coaching community and content that Back to You is known for.


Space is limited, reserve your spot today. We start June 1st! 

Get back to YOU and experience the joy that is summer, FREE from alcohol!


Please reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you!

Back to YOU

Who were you before the world told you who to be? Find your way back to YOU, your center, and break the spell of alcohol. For good!

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Annie Grace, founder and author of This Naked Mind
"Meade and Onowa have created an incredible and unique offering in their Back to YOU course. It’s the perfect combination of content, coaching and community to support you in your alcohol-free journey as you rediscover who you were before the world told you who to be. They each have incredible and complementary coaching gifts and I know you will love the support and encouragement they provide on your path to showing up and living life as your one, beautiful, true self."

Re-Balance & Re-connect

We will expertly guide you through coaching exercises to help you re-balance and re-connect with your authentic self. Course content is a mix of video lessons, guided coaching & self-exploration. You're going to love it!


The beauty of our online community is that it's "off-Facebook." That means you get all of our supportive, positive content without the toxic "compare & share" culture of social media. It's a safe place to connect and ask questions.


Have a big social circle but still feel lonely? 
For so many of us, establishing meaningful connection aids us in doing the work of rediscovering our authentic selves.
 Our community of like-minded women provides genuine connection.


You'll have access to a "Private" Certified Coach with the additional support of your community members.
 The Back to YOU course includes a 1-hour weekly group coaching call & coach support in the community!

Meet Coach Onowa

Hi, I'm Onowa, I'm here to help you get to a space of clarity and happiness while living your life without alcohol. Getting Back to You means breaking through all the lies we've been told and tell ourselves about alcohol. It's not only the lies and programming pertaining to alcohol specifically, it includes the lies about ourselves that keep us distanced from the true greatness we all have within. I'm so proud to bring you our Back to You signature course with my colleague and friend Meade. We have designed this course and created the space to thrive, connect, and find the power we all have within to break the spell of alcohol and create the lives we desire!


Meet Coach Meade

Hi! I'm Meade, reformed people-pleaser, former gray-area drinker, and Certified Naked Mind Coach. I am so excited to team up with, Coach Onowa, to share with you our signature group course, Back to You, Break the Spell of Alcohol. We've poured our hearts into this group course because we believe in the magic of re-connecting to ourselves while also connecting to other like-minded women! We're dedicated to showing busy, overwhelmed women that there's peace to be found in slowing down, becoming intentional and looking inward. You have all the answers you need to find your peace, your joy, your freedom to live as your authentic self right there inside you, right now, you've just got to clear some space to see it. It's the key to breaking the spell of alcohol and getting back to YOU!